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Welcome to Daglan – whether you are a new resident or a vacationer.

Ours is a beautiful, picturesque village in the heart of the Perigord Noir.  The village and its hamlets number just under 600 residents.  Our weekly market is held every Sunday morning in La Place de la Liberte, opposite the bakery and the ‘8 a Huit’ mini supermarket.

If you are interested in exploring the areas in and around Daglan, there is a Tourist Information Office, located on the main street towards the south.

If you are not comfortable reading the full website in French, this page has been created to give you some helpful hints on how to settle in to village life.  However, you are encouraged to view the various sections of the site, since they will provide a more thorough impression of life, and things you ought to know in the village and its hamlets.

If you have bought a house and plan to vacation here or stay all year round, you should visit La Mairie (town hall) and introduce yourself to the Mayor (Monsieur le Maire) or one of the Deputies (Ajointes) or to the Assistant, who speaks English very well.  You will be able to leave your telephone or email coordinates, should a situation arise whereby the Mairie needs to contact you.

In the website, be sure to check out the ‘Emergency’ information, under the tab marked ‘Vivre a Daglan’ then ‘Information Utiles’, which will provide you with the relevant telephone numbers for police, fire and ambulance, as well as for the local nurses who can do house visits.  This tab will also provide a list of other important telephone number such as EDF (electricity) or Sogedo (water).

In the tab marked ‘Agenda’ you will find important dates, such as national holidays and the annual “Fête de la Ste Louis”, which is Daglan’s annual festival and which lasts from a Friday evening  dinner dance until a Monday morning cycle race.

Daglan does not have individual house pick-up of garbage.  Instead, each home is expected to sort their garbage and deliver it to one of the “dechetterie” stations around the village and its hamlets. If you visit the Mairie, rolls of the garbage and recycling bags are available for free.  All glass containers and bottles should be put in the bins specially marked for this.  It is labelled “Verre”.  Recyclable items – cartons, wrapping, plastic – are put in a yellow plastic bag and placed in the recycling bins.  These have a yellow lid and are labelled “Recyclables”.  All other garbage should be put in the black garbage bags and put in the bins with the green or gray lids.  These are labelled ‘Autres Dechets mises en Sac’, which means other garbage in a bag.

If you have significant waste that does not fit any of the above categories, perhaps because you are undergoing some renovations, or you have cleaned up your garden, there is a larger dechetterie with all the appropriate bins, on the outskirts of Cenac, about 8 kilometres from Daglan.

There are regulations concerning the generation of noise, specifically relating to gardening work.  You should enquire at La Mairie to understand your responsibilities in this regard.

Under the tab ‘Vivre a Daglan’, then “Nos Associations‘ you will see reference to the Club de l’Amitie.  Every year, either at the end of June or the beginning of July, the club organizes a ‘Meet and Greet’, whereby all the residents of the village and its hamlets are invited to a cocktail reception in order to get to know each other.   This is held by the ‘Salle des fetes”.  Invitations are delivered to every mail box in the community.

If you have any questions or matters requiring some legal attention, a notaire from Sarlat is present in the village every Thursday.  His office is attached to the Mairie.

If you wish to make an appointment, the phone number is: 05 53 28 34 19

The following is a list of English-speaking inhabitants (Daglanaise) who are willing to provide some assistance if you need additional help:

Mrs Jan Chudy                                 Tel:     05-53-28-56-43